Non–Profit Group

In 1996, by the help and grace of God, the honest and sincere efforts and will of my noble father, Mr. Mohsen Emami, we opened a charity institute in the commemoration of the servants of Hazrat Ghaem to serve people who are in need of help.
This center is run by a group of charity workers that share the same goal in five independent units; and, it is the first and the only medical center of specialized diseases in Iran.
The medical unit: Dialysis services, dentistry, other specialized medical services under price list of NGO services.
Interest free loan unit: Providing financial aids to the people in need.
Dowry unit: Supplying household appliances for young couples.
Foods and coupons supply unit: Distribution twice a year (Ramadan and New Year).
Cultural unit: Propagation and interpretation of Quran.

It should be noted that our charity place, as the first and best medical center for specialized diseases, received the appreciation award of the governmental authorities in 2008 for its valuable services.
Seeking the Satisfaction of God, we; too, hope that by relying on the bliss and opportunity that God Has bestowed us, we could be able to fulfill our social responsibilities in this world in a desirable way.