• International Trading


    Iran is one of the active exporters of various types of agricultural produce. The four-season climate and fertile soil have helped Iran in maintaining its position as one of the suppliers of fruits, vegetables and dried fruits for the exportation purposes.
    By having access to reliable and famous orchardists and producers, Ballsun Group announces its preparation to supply fresh fruits for customers.
    Regarding the different entry conditions of agricultural produces in the various destination countries, the standard and certificates specific to that country are in demand. The standards include a health certificate, phytosanitary certificate, ISO 22000, HACCP, Global Gap, etc. Ballsun group tries its best on knowing the privileged and capable growers of planting to harvest for producing good agricultural and organic fruits of Iran that be able to provide the referred certificates and standards according to Iran's available services in agricultural organizations. Regarding the alleged Iranian fruit taste, Ballsun attempts to package its produce in modern ways and perform the principles of export.
    Despite financial crises, Ballsun group offers new services profited by foreign exchange bank accounts in European and Asian countries (Italy,Russia,Turkey,The UAE and Tajikistan) to facilitate and accelerate the financial transactions for global markets.
    Glorious agricultural heritage, special and distinctive brands along with our high quality produce, is our strong support, experience and specialty in business.
    Our business pursues concepts for establishing communication between customers and satisfaction of produce. Our old and long lasting experiences and records in business and the knowledge of identifying important regions guaranty the quality of Ballsun fresh produce.
    Our strategic services by considering the global market analysis has developed the concept of trade and with respect to the very high expenses involved, the final/cost price is the most important issue and we are firm in the global market with competitive prices.

  • International Trading


    Although Iran is a rich country in agriculture and provides a large volume of produce, its high population, high amount of fruits consumption per capita has led to the creation and increase in demand to more various fruits and imported fruits. Other factors that are responsible for the increase in demand for the imported fruits include the seasonal nature of most domestic produce, variety in tastes and Iranians’ intention to consume tropical fruits, despite not being cultivated in the country due to the absence of suitable climate, drought, flood and periodic frost that affect domestic produce.
    The Iran’s plan to be a member of World Trade Organization has created the possibility of growth in fruits trade and has opened the gates to foreign commerce activists. The production in the country should be based on relative advantage and investment either for the production or importation should be carefully studied. Free market for importing fruits in Iran has led to competition among producers and domestic tradesmen as well as promotion of the quality of produce and packaging business.
    Our imported produce and their countries of origin, not limited to, are as listed below:
    Banana from Ecuador and the Philippines
    Pineapple from Malaysia
    Mango and tangerine from Pakistan
    Grapes from South Africa and Turkey
    Orange from South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and China
    Pears from Turkey and China
    Coconut from Sri Lanka 
    Tamarind from the Thailand