More than one century of presence in the fresh fruits market activities in Iran has been the central arena of Emami Commerce business. The activities of Emami Commerce during these years have been extended through direct sales of produce of domestic orchardists, providing consultation to applicants on the variation, size, packaging, supply and warehousing time and protecting large number of orchardists that are taking the same paste as our complex does.
In domestic trade, Emami Commerce alongside Ballsun Group  that supplies fresh fruits for exportation purposes is a  pioneer in Iranian agricultural economy, considering its  knowledge, experiences and serious and motivated supports and protection to orchardists for producing high quality produce as well as purchasing produce of large orchards which are mainly private or state-owned agro-industry complexes.
Today, by benefitting from the commercial and business position of Emami in domestic trades and active presence of Ballsun Group, we have been playing a significant role in the supply and demands of fresh produce in Iran and introduces to the market large amounts of produce for domestic consumption, exportation and/or fruits processing industry such as producing concentrate or can fruits.