The putrefying and easily spoilage nature of fresh produce need special attention to warehousing and transportation. To assure the freshness of produce and delivering them in the same initial quality, we pay specific attention to the temperature, moisture in warehousing and speed in delivery, which helps in increasing the durability of the produce and decreasing the amount of losses.
To facilitate transportation, we have three terminals with freezing house facilities. The position of terminals has been selected strategically to provide easy access and delivery of produce to all regions of Iran in the shortest time with the least costs. In the international transportation section, we have close cooperation with several international shipping companies to deliver produce in refrigeration containers and we identify and select the best transportation approaches in shortest transit time by making annual contract with those companies and benefit from their credits and supports.
We have our agents in custom houses to facilitate the release of goods in shortest time and we have already developed an efficiency system to create trust and confident for administrative/documentation affairs.