Cooperation Letter

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Cooperation Letter

Dear Sir

Ballsun Group,  the pioneer in brand making is run by its managing director, Ehsan Emami, the grandson of a well-known Iranian. This group has more than   one century of successful records and experiences of parents and ancestors in  fresh fruits wholesale, local and international trades as well as supporting Iranian orchard keepers.

As a trustworthy and reliable business partner, by full  knowledge on the demands of global market we  give our positive response to the wave of demands from our customers in all seasons of the year to act as pioneer and show permanent presence in the Market under Ballsun Brand, which is an icon of quality and our commitment towards the growth of Iranian fruits industry.

After a review on your company’s demand, we believe the   talents, services and proposals of our company could be a suitable response to your company’s requirements.

We are enthusiastic to familiarize you with our company and increase your information on  our company’s activities; and we invite you to visit our website in:


Best regards

Ehsan Emami

Managing Director of Ballsun

Date: 7/24/2017 Source: