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We are proud of our name and the genuineness of our brands and exhibit high quality produce with Ballsun Brand.
Ballsun, In Turkish language, means honey, sweet and tasty.
Ballsun, In Persian language, means like a wing to fly high.
Ballsun, In English language, means (by adding of): The ball of sun.
Ballsun, In Arabic  language, means the sense of tasting.
  In  Arabic, by omitting the letter (ا), the word is read Belesan (بلسان).
The metaphor of Ball:
The word Ball [baal- pronunciation] in Persian language is the sign and implication of movement, flight and ascendance towards clear and open skies of life, hope and reaching the destination.
Ball (pronunciation similar to Ball) in English language means the sphere shape object, ball, and still, an implication of movement, rolling away and an eternal movement forward, infinite moving like  orbiting around the suns, the cosmos and universe itself. Ball (sphere, orb) is an allegory of round shape of most fruits that God has bestowed to man. Ball is a round sphere that reminds the eternity, a fluid like and constant movement of life of cosmos and this round movement is the sign of eternity in continuing the life.
The metaphor of Sun:
“Sun” implies freshness, light and color of bright yellow; an implication in subconscious of human mind that implies beauty and the bright yellow color of sun in mind.
The color yellow is associated with the sweetness and float of life, like the yellow spectrum of honey.
Sun is the globe of fire, the origin of life, heat and light that brightens the solar system of our universe and is the source of growth and livelihood of living creatures; as the survival of all living organisms and the life on earth depends on its endless shine.
The metaphor of Ballsun:
The series of the meanings attached and attributed to the world Ballsun  as honey, sweet and  fresh that takes the human’s imagination ascending towards God, “The Light of Heavens and Earth” and takes him to praise,  thank and worship God, the Omnipotent.
Ballsun (in Persian language) means eternal, always powerful, great and precious.