About Packaging

Packaging is the winning card in sales market.  Packaging is referred to as silent salesman. To update packaging, one must present minor but permanent changes in colors psychology by considering consumption market of that society. Designing any packaging, depending on the type of its produce could establish loyalty and confidence in consumers through conveying the message of quality. Packaging is one of the effective motivational factors in the growth of exportation societies, which in addition to attractiveness, could also play the role of the identity card for the goods.  We believe that packing associated with a safe brand is a reliable ID Card for us.
Ballsun provides the customer with two methods of packaging and delivery with respect to high variety of fruits.
In this method, with respect to the spring and summer seasons climates concerning the short life span of summer fruits, to accelerate the delivery of goods and freshness of produce, we are able to collect produce in the orchards and sort them to different sizes by special machines, pack them in a completely healthy and sanitary way in the shortest time by using quality control system in the warehouses which are established in the orchards and deliver them to the destination in refrigerating containers.
In the second method, due to unsuitable climate conditions in the fall and winter, it is not possible to collect and pack produce at the same time. Therefore, after collecting the fruits from orchards, we take them to the freezing houses to be stored in fixed temperature, followed by sorting them in the shortest time in the freezing houses in order to deliver them to the customers in the packaging they have ordered.